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Thanksgiving Mass

Please join us for our Thanksgiving Mass on Tuesday, October 2 at 9:30am. We welcome Fr. Carlos, our Celebrant, and we thank our Junior Division teachers and students for organizing and  leading the Mass. We are happy to share that our monthly visits from Fr. Landorff and/or Fr. Carlos will resume this year and begin on October 2nd in the afternoon. 

Fall Food Drive

From Monday, October 2, through to Friday, October 13, SJC  will be partnering up with the Newmarket Pantry for our Fall Food Drive, during the season of gratitude and giving back to the community.  Donations of food and/or toiletries are greatly appreciated!

We thank  the SJC Luke 4:18 Social Justice Committee, led by  Ms. Goudis, Ms. Labonte and Ms. Gardiman.

Safety Awareness Week

The week of September 25-29 is designated “Safety Awareness Week”. During Safety Awareness Week, St. John Chrysostom and schools across the York Catholic District School Board will rehearse a variety of emergency school procedures to acquaint students and staff with the precautionary steps to take in the event of such things as a warning of severe weather, an

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